Join the Steering Group

We already have had several people wanting to give/lend money to the purchase of the Holly Bush and the car park.

Patience please the time is not yet!

At the moment we are looking for people who are able to work on a committee liaising with Solicitors, Accountants and other agencies so that a robust plan can be created.

First, we need to make sure that whatever legal entity we use, is appropriate for the purchase,  We have to be sure that financially, it all stacks up so there is going to be a considerable amount of work with solicitors and accountants before we are ready, We will also have to prepare applications for various grants and support packages.

When this is complete the steering group will prepare a plan and communicate this to the community.

At that point, the legal entity (some sort of community interest company) will be created and it is then that we will ask for pledges of financial support.  

The work of the Steering Group will then be over as they will not be running the CIC. That will be up to the members of the CIC. where everyone who is a shareholder or equivalent can have their say in the operation/development of the site.

if you wish to be part of the steering committee then please complete the form below and the details will be passed on to the Group Secretary.