Our Vision

Three ways that you can help to purchase and create our exciting community hub

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the community to own the Holly Bush Inn forever

But more than that we will be able to create something special, that benefits us all.

Time is short we have just two months to raise the funds for Phase 1


A simple donation designed for people who just wish to help in any way they can without needing to be involved in the running of the pub but who do want to see us succeed either for philanthropic reasons or simply because they want a pub on the village!  There is no restriction on the amount of money that can be donated.  Every pound will help!

Become An Owner by making a loan

We are not allowed to sell shares on the open market but we can sell loans which entitles people, if they wish, to become members of the company that will own the pub. The members are equivilant to shareholders. These loans are being sold in blocks of £500. We anticipate that this will be the main mechanism to raise the £250,000 we need to get the matched funding so that we can achieve the required total of £500,000 for Phase 1 development.

Monthly Subscription

It might be that your circumstances don’t allow you to immediately take part in the offer to become a member of the CIC that will own the pub, but you can still play your part.  Indeed the Village Hall was mainly paid for with the £1 weekly contributions made from the “tote”!  You can now subscribe which will be in the form of a loan to the CIC and after 6 months you will be entitled to become a member.